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About Us

Anhui honochem Co.,Ltd is committed to serving the fields of drug research and development, scientific research, and material manufacturing,. The company has always focused on the design and synthesis of drug molecular blocks; Process development, pilot production, commercial production, and sales of key intermediates.

The company has a research and development center, a pilot plant, a production base, and a stable cooperative factory. The sales center is located in Ma'anshan. At the same time, we closely cooperate with major universities such as Beijing University of Technology, Anhui University of Technology, China University of Pharmacy, and Nanjing University of Technology, leveraging the technological advantages of universities to accelerate technological innovation.

At present, there are over 20000 inventory products in stock, utilizing the resources of cooperative universities and factories. The complete line of catalog products from small trials to kilogram level is basically covered. In the future, we will focus on customer needs, continuously invest in innovation, continuously improve customer experience, and better serve daily scientific research and drug development fields.


Win-win cooperation is a promise of great success. Honochem Biotechnology strives to become the most trusted partner for customers.